Personal Access To What We Need, Shared Access To What We Want

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Public luxury available to all, or private luxury available to some: this is the choice we face at all times.” — George Monbiot (>>)

Private luxury

A Meditation On Worldviews

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Concepts Collapse The Indefinite Into The Definite

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Concepts Reduce The Irreducible

Playing With Infinity

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The Art Of Interaction In The Game Of Go

Torii, Kiyonaga, 1752–1815, artist, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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How To Walk The Golden Middle Way In Go

Justin Holzworth, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Letting Go Of Go

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A Brief Introduction

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Knowing the enemy is only half the battle

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“The moment they know you better than you know yourself, then they can play on you, on your emotional system, on your biochemical system. And you will never know because you will just identify with whatever noise they produce when they press this button or that button.” — Yuval Harari

Meet John Smith

The Art Of Not Trying

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What is success?

  • 59% of the world who have…

Andre Sevenius Nilsen

Scientist by day, aspiring writer by night. Exploring the human condition 24/7. Futurologist in between. Twitter: @turntwine — Wordpress:

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